Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery

Filmmaker Brent Winebrenner’s documentary is as honest about the Latin American nation’s significant problems as it is informative about Guatemala’s cultural history and natural splendor.


An interesting and insightful work, this is recommended.


Video Librarian

Quick Synopsis

Guatemala, the heartland of the ancient Maya world, is emerging from the shadows of a long and tragic civil war. This amazing country is home to one of the world’s founding civilizations, twenty-four indigenous languages, a rich and dramatic landscape, amazing biodiversity and a fascinating cultural menagerie of customs, practices and traditions.

This cinematic, carefully crafted film provides a comprehensive, insightful and heartfelt reveal of a land and resilient people that are worth getting to know, especially in light of the current immigration policies and world affairs.

Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery is a powerful teaching aid that animates the country’s dynamic history and culture while facilitating discussion and debate. It is particularly well suited for:

     * Latin American and Cultural Studies

     * Archaeology and Anthropology

     * Religious Studies

     * Travelers and Study Abroad Programs

This smart, thoughtful film is also a valuable addition to any public library collection.


Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery is much more than a travel film.  It is a cinematic, pitch-perfect journey into the beating heart of a mysterious land and people.

The filmmaker consistently delivers the right level of information and detail, tackling the complex history of a culture that is rooted in both European conquest and the glories of the ancient Maya civilization.

This is a smart and beautiful film with a sensitive soul – truly one of the best of its kind.”

Patricia Schultz, Author – 1000 Places To See Before You Die (Workman)


This ambitious work hits all the right notes.  It is authentic, compelling and relevant.  Equally at home in the classroom or on the big screen, this thoroughly researched film is sure to inform viewers and stimulate discussion.

Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery explores the glories of the ancient Maya, contemporary customs and culture and the challenges that lie ahead.  This film really delivers and educates.  My audience left wanting more!

Kathy Lewis, Office of Alumni Relations, Washington University in St. Louis