Visiting Guatemala

The members of the production crew work in close collaboration with Bella Guatemala Travel, guiding small groups and individual travelers throughout the year. Not many people know Guatemala the way these guys do. They’re wired, connected and can make surprises happen.

So, if you’re intrigued what you’ve seen of the film and you’re looking for full-on, fun-filled, unforgettable journey of discovery of your own, let us know. BGT and the crew can help.

Brent Winebrenner

He is a widely published travel and location photographer with experience in over seventy countries. Brent draws on that experience, along with his time to the Visual Journalism faculty at the Brooks Institute of Photography to craft programs and itineraries that not only improve your photography skills, but also to get you to the out-of-the-way places where great pictures live.

Every tour is carefully designed around events like Easter Week or The Day of Dead and include access to places like “Chicken Bus” factories and cottage craftsmen and women.

Jose Antonio Gonzales

Jose  lives for the next “Journey of Discovery”. He loves nothing more than guiding travelers through the labyrinth of Maya history and culture. He’s resourceful, and he’s at home trekking through the steaming jungle, perusing the pages of used books in a private collection or discussing contemporary art in a Bohemian watering hole.

The man never sweats. Perhaps its because, because after 25 years of guiding clients through Guatemala and Central America, he knows how to get things done.

Emilio Faillace

“Milo”is the new kid on the block. After all, he’s only been guiding for 15 years and he speaks just four languages. But, he makes up for it with an encyclopedic knowledge of the flora, the fauna, the geology and the geography of Guatemala and Central America.

Emilio is insatiably curious and is constantly taking course, reading and learning new things. He’s a man with a million nicknames who is happy to share what he knows with his guests.