Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery is a very carefully researched, beautifully cinematic film with a big heart.  It tells the complex story of the amazing Land of the Maya with great clarity and conviction.

It is one of the strongest, most informative and engaging films we’ve screened in recent years.

Sonja DeJong

Program Manager, Calvin Academy for Life Long Learning, Calvin College

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your film.

You’ve managed to portray Guatemalan culture without reducing it to sentimental, folkloric cliches and stereotypes.

All the great information about the ancient Maya makes me want to learn more about my Mam heritage and roots.

Thank you!

Eduardo Velasquez

This film is a very engaging, content-driven work that is highly suited for viewing in the social science or humanities classroom. The narrative arc is structured to allow the film to be shown in its entirety or in shorter subject specific chapters.

Either way, Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery presents a captivating window into Guatemalan history and society that is sure to inform and stimulate classroom thought and discussion.

Chandra Mallampalli

Professor of History and Fletcher Jones Foundation Chair of Social Sciences, Westmont College

This film is really good!

Guatemala is a complicated place with a tangled history and an incredibly diverse cultural landscape.  Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery handles the complexity with skill and clarity.

This is a “must see” piece of work for any for any traveler or student with an interest in Meso-america and Guatemala.

Ana Carlos

Guatemalan Filmmaker, Television Producer and Director

The breadth, sensitivity and cinematography inspires the viewer to develop a greater intimacy with this gorgeous, multi-ethnic country, home to so many vibrantly proud Maya people, living reminders of their spectacular ancient civilization.
David Sedat

Retired, Field Director of the University of Pennsylvania Copan Project