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PBS Underwriting


The Big Picture


Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery chronicles the region’s long history, rich cultural heritage, and contemporary challenges.  The film immerses the audience in the Guatemalan experience while creating an authentic sense of place.  It encourages empathy and builds awareness for a land that too few people know or understand.  That is about to change!

The film has been accepted for broadcast on public television stations beginning with National Hispanic Heritage Month in September, 2022. Nearly 93 million viewers will tune into PBS that month.

Because the hook to this annual celebration is so strong, we believe the film will reach a meaningful percentage of the national audience.

Not only that, public television stations have been granted the right to rebroadcast Guatemala: On the Edge of Discovery as many times as they like during the ensuing three-year period.


The Opportunity


A PBS national broadcast represents a wonderful underwriting opportunity for organizations whose values and sentiments align with the film.

PBS is an ideal platform because:

  • PBS is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s most trusted institutions.
  • 69% of viewers believe that PBS sponsors are committed to quality and excellence.
  • PBS viewers are educated, affluent, and highly engaged in their communities and the world.
  • PBS viewers appreciate smart, thoughtful programming – and there are a lot of them!


The Way It Works


In exchange for a fee, four underwriting organizations will receive a 15-second slot for a promotional message that will be permanently embedded in the film’s opening and closing credits. The credits will be shown every time the film is aired on PBS, creating millions of impressions during the film’s three-year broadcast window.

In addition, underwriters enjoy:

  • category exclusivity
  • an uncluttered advertising environment
  • association with a national broadcast on a trusted platform
  • partnership opportunities beyond the PBS ecosystem


The Way We Work


We’re nimble, we’re collaborative and we’re ready to get after it.  If you’ve got a heart for Guatemala, let’s explore the possible.




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“This is a smart and beautiful film with a sensitive soul – truly one of the best of its kind.”

Patricia Schultz, Author 1000 Places to See Before You Die (Workman)